From All Of Us To All Of You...

Papa Joe, Mama Donna, along with many of our staff here at Papa Joe's would like you all to know that we have been and are praying for everyone to have a blessed Easter celebration. May that blessing encompass the love of Jesus Christ within our families, friends and all who we gather with, during this Blessed Season. May the peace and joy of knowing we have the Love of The Creator, our Father, Who is so in love with his children!  So much so that He sent Himself through His Son Jesus Christ to reestablish that relationship that we once had. You see, there was a time when He was able to walk with His children.  He would talk with them, they would make plans together, work together, hug and play with one another. Then the tempter deceived mankind and put a veil or wall between the Father and us. His Love was so great for us, His children, that Jesus was sent to tear down that veil. We have been Blessed ever since the veil of separation was torn.  Thank you so much Jesus for being willing to suffer unto death to recapture our ability to intimately relate with You! Your mending and restoration is still in the works as one day we will be embraced by You and welcomed into that place You have gone to prepare for us. 

We as Christians celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior in this season.  We also celebrate and look forward to His imminent return to us to fulfill the rest of the prophecies. There are over 2,000 prophecies that have already been fulfilled and now in more recent generations, there have been seven more very vital prophetic things that took place,  indicating that His return could be in the very near future. One of those prophesies is the ability to mass communicate, for Jesus commissioned us before His Ascension to go out and spread the Good News to all the Earth with His Gospel which includes John 3:16 (God So Loved the world that he gave His only Begotten Son so that who-so-ever should believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!). He wants not one soul to be lost! Here we are with mass communication, one of the seven Prophecies that have been recently fulfilled!  These are such exciting times, So people get ready Jesus is coming!  If you search the scriptures You will find truth, and there you will discover infinite peace that surpasses all understanding.......



Papa Joe's will be closed In reverence and honor to the

Holy Weekend:

Good Friday - March 25th, Saturday the 26th, Easter Sunday - March 27th, and Monday March 28th, Reopening Tuesday March 29th

Happy Easter! Once again may

God bless you & yours