Finally HOME!!

We have had quite a year!

It's been a job working through the transitions necessary since Papa Joe's reopened: From training new staff to training ourselves on new equipment.  Finding a place for everything and then remembering where you put it...  haha!

I believe I can now safely say "I Think we've finally moved in to our HOME!" Thank you for being so patient with us along the way as we celebrate one year in the new building

As the months rolled along, I have been busy booking our Capricci Room.  We've been celebrating rehearsal dinners, birthdays, reunions, Christmas parties, seminars, beautiful weddings and fellowship luncheons just to name a few.

A special note on that: We were honored to have one of own get married recently followed by the new couples dinner reception right here in our private Capricci Room.

Congratulations!!! Here's to Happily Ever After...

Here’s a great Design Tip for your next gathering:

Use a variety of lifts to display your desserts.  Get creative; mix and match, high and low, round and square.  Make it your own unique style!