"Happy Resurrection Day!"

As we approach the Holy Weekend of Easter, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all our loyal customers who in their love for us have become part of the Papa Joe’s family.  You are the main reason why I want to come to work here every day.  I want to say thank you to all of you and also the Main Man Jesus, Himself, Who made all of this possible for us.  I’d like to say a special “Happy Resurrection Day” to Jesus…  Without His Resurrection, our resurrection would not have been possible.  Not only did the sacrifice He made for us make a way to spend eternity with Him; that same resurrection power which rose Jesus from the grave lives in His kids, giving us power to resurrect from the obstacles in life that would bring us down.  Thank You Jesus for Your Resurrection Power that resurrected Papa Joe’s!

On another note the Papa Joe’s softball team is now in our fifth week of games.  Being the “newbies” we are currently win-less but we’ve had some pretty close games and are having a fantastic time playing together.  Win or lose we are still a great team!  By the way, we’d love to have you come watch our games and cheer us on!  We play Monday nights at 7:00pm at the Jerome Brown center.  Hope to see you there!!!