Happy Independence Day!!!

On the 4th of July this country celebrates our hard won freedom.  I'm sure you must feel the same as we do with a sense of love and compassion for the freedom that we have been so blessed to afford. A freedom that was bought with a high price!  You see freedom wasn't free at all; it cost us many sons and daughters who believed in this country that was founded and woven together with God Almighty knitted into her very foundations. That, my friends, is the only reason she has stood the test of time thus far. This freedom we are talking about was for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; all good things that God has spoken for us and purposed us to have as long as we keep Him in our foundation. Those freedoms didn't include doing whatever felt good; it included doing what was right, pure and honoring to our Heavenly Father.

This Fourth of July offers me an opportunity to speak with freedom about what is going on in this world and this country in which we live and love.  We need to recognize that political correctness does not offer truth. The truth is we are people of influence; therefore we need leadership that fits those credentials so they can lead the people with greatness, not destruction. Our leaders are to be leaders that lead by example for the betterment of us all.  Pray and seek the Lord’s guidance and His will in all things.   Don’t be influenced by the mass media or others around you, research the candidates before voting in the upcoming elections, and then exercise your right to vote!!!