Refined By Fire... Our Journey

Let me start by introducing myself to you. My name is Jeannie Cameron. I've worked by Joe and Donna's side for the past 34 years. Yep, I started working with them when I was about a year old...  ha ha! (for those of you trying to do the math on my age).

All kidding aside, losing the restaurant - my home away from home, has made the past few years an emotional roller coaster of a ride with lots of wild and crazy turns as we tried to figure out “where do I go from here.” 

Yet, in the midst of the shock and pain, it was a beautiful blessing to have been on the receiving side of God's helping hand through our community.  Even the News people covering the events, which transpired from that devastating fire on, were awed by the sense of love, kindness, and support that rose up around us from the people Papa Joe’s has served over the years. Great compassion from the community as a whole flowed like a refreshing river as all reached out to help set us back up on our feet again.

But, as the smoke cleared, literally, still in the midst of shock, our “Papa Joe’s” work ethics and priorities set in giving us purpose and motion once more. Our first priority was to take care of our family of employees followed by concern for our customers who had already booked with us for catering.  Bewilderment at the sudden chain of events that left us with such loss gave way as we rallied our troops, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work. While things were set in place to see to the well being of our employees, we put together a fantastic wedding in less than 20 days from top to bottom and I tell you it was a Blessing for us all to do what we love to do again.  Working as a family, serving our community…  That’s what Papa Joe’s is all about!

Along the way, as opportunity arises through this blog, I hope to share more of our journey with you plus some catering tips and ideas.  Stay tuned for more!!


Here’s a tip for planning your next occasion:

When trying to decide how much beverages you should prepare for a gathering, figure about 16 oz. per person.  Remember, 128 oz. in a gallon, so 100 servings times 16 oz. is 1600 divided by 128 oz. gives you 12.5 gallons, which is about 8 servings per gallon.