We are Family!!!

The restaurant industry is dubbed with the notorious reputation of having the largest turnover rate of any other profession. A constant problem among restaurant management is the ongoing need of training new hires and scheduling because of this high rate of employees coming and going on a whim. Papa Joe’s knows very little of this problem as most of the employees were seasoned, long time members of his restaurant team. Joe and Donna along with general manager, Jeannie, made it their personal goal to not only manage a restaurant and a diverse group of employees but also to act with compassion in human resources. In short, when an employee was faced with a problem in personal life or on the job, they were eager to help in anyway possible. Papa Joe is a man of second, third, and sometimes fourth chances. His convictions are true and don’t allow him to just give up on people easily. Joe, Donna, and Jeannie have a nature that compels them to highlight peoples strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. This is certainly not the average in the common restaurant workplace. Because of the family style management, the culture among employees mirrored this family dynamic and the result was a group of long time co-workers who built strong relationships. So, to all my Papa Joe’s sisters and brothers, you guys rock! I am so glad to have had the opportunity to know each of you. The friendships that we grew over the years are genuine and not only confined to the work place. We could read each other like a book, we came to know each others mannerisms and could see right through to each others hearts. We celebrated each others accomplishments, encouraged each other through struggles, cried together, and laughed a lot. Through weddings and divorce, births and deaths, conflict and amity we’ve been by each others side. Papa Joe’s brought us together and fire can’t keep us apart. Here’s to the best work family around! Love you guys!