Labor Day...

Hey everyone,

Well Labor Day is soon approaching and we will all have a nice long weekend to look forward to. Papa Joe and I hope that your weekend will be full of relaxation, and enjoyment, making happy memories with your families and friends…


Papa Joe's Mom and Dad

Papa Joe's Mother and Father

This Labor Day I would like to honor Joe’s mom, better known as Mommy to everyone around her. She came to this country, America, the land of opportunity, to find work for her family. Leaving her children and husband at home in Italy, she worked in the hot sewing factories of New York City for 3 long years.



Papa Joe (far left), siblings, and father.


She was then able to bring her family over according to the laws of this land. She was courageous and full of hope and faith. I thank her, for without her courage I may have never known my beloved husband, Papa Joe.


Papa Joe and Donna