Refined By Fire - A Little Story...

Well, it has been a long time since we last spoke and I don’t really know where to begin, so I’ll start with a little story about our Blog.

The time of waiting to hear if we’d be able to rebuild or not was really a time of testing; finally God blessed us with some long awaited news! First, we would be able to rebuild, but secondly we would be able to retain a small group of our employees to keep the necessary business aspects, catering and gift shop going through our insurance policy. We were so happy with the news, until we realized what a difficult task it was going to be choosing that core group which would keep everything functioning until we were rebuilt since a huge amount of our 45 employees had been with us for ten years or better, and even the ones who were only with us for a short time were still like family. Painstakingly, we had to choose that nucleus of people who had helped operate Papa Joe’s successfully before it burned down.  We knew that they would really be important keys to the success of our rebuild and reopening.  There was Joe, I, and Jeannie of course, along with Lindsey, Loretta, Ryan, Dorina, Colette, Sheri and Devon. Each of us did whatever needed to be done as the months rolled by for the next year of the tedious rebuilding process.  We all seemed to find our own special niche to help in when we weren’t doing our normal routine of cooking, catering, business paperwork or rebuilding. It was mind boggling when it came to just restocking the new place. The stock and equipment to be ordered, choices and decisions that needed to be made, so many little details. But because of a great crew willing to do whatever it took all came together in amazing progression.  Even the seemingly insignificant things like weeding Capricci Gardens, chiseling mortar off of bricks, and keeping our beloved community up to date with our progress were not overlooked; everyone was willing to pitch in with a “JUST DO IT!” attitude.  When I think about it, tears pool up in my eyes.

Oh I was supposed to be telling you a story about the blog.  Oh my goodness I’ve got to run pick up my Grandkids! I’ll be back in a little while. Until then we love you all!